Showing and Competition

Nationally Experienced Trainers—Driven to Help You Succeed

Formal training in dressage, a solid reputation and a record high percentage of winners: these are just three reasons why New England Farm should be your choice for show and competition training.

Rider Instruction

Learning how to show horses takes practice—and our staff is here to guide those practice sessions, sharing valuable advice and encouragement to keep riders feeling confident. Flexible times and easily accessible staff make the education experience worry-free.

As with horses, riding lessons are not just about technique. Experience in a multitude of equestrian competitions is what sets us apart from other equestrian centers. And because our horses do just as much teaching as our instructors, our care and production of horses is unparalleled.

Armed with a staff of expert leaders, New England Farm is stocked with the keys to success.

Horse Training

We don't just train riders! Our horses are brought up from very young ages, with many brought in especially for specific clients. We take pride in the choices we make for our clients, and spend quality time evaluating the relationship needs of both rider and horse. Regular riding and consistency are two aspects that we focus on, because we have found them to be imperative to the success of riding goals.

When horses aren't being prepped for a trip to a horse showing location, they are schooled over fences one or two times a week. Our staff believes strongly in light but regular work, and our methods have been proven to maintain strength and fitness—both for day-to-day work and for horse showing.

Shows and Competitions

Training for horse show competitions is our specialty, and our decades of acquired knowledge give us the ability to teach riders and cultivate winning horses. Having trained and shown horses for over 40 years, New England Farm has many connections for showing and equestrian competitions; stick with us and you and your horse will go places.

Our farm has a fantastic support staff of veterinarians and grooms, allowing us to care for our horses in-house. This helps us cultivate a harmonious relationship between horse and rider, as doing so is imperative to the success of both.