Lessons and Training

Time-Tested Programs to Instruct all Levels—and the Competition-Bound

Both the horse and rider must be trained. New England Farm chooses horses with temperaments that are conducive to the goals of our clients. No matter the reason for choosing riding lessons or horse training, New England Farm is the place to learn.

Riding Lessons

New England Farm is a leader in rider instruction. Our staff would love the opportunity to teach you and your family about horseback riding and showing—and help you see why many of our clients choose to spend time with their horses out of sheer pleasure.

Horse Training

Many years of shows and competitions have taught our staff what works and what doesn’t. That is why we devote ourselves to the understanding and proper pairing of riders and horses. Trust and confidence are necessary components of any pairing; a balanced match between horse and rider simply works better.

Our instructors teach both technique and how to properly take care of horses, and help in the development of the relationship between horse and rider—but we do not rush the process. The speed at which the relationship develops is up to the horse and rider as a team.