Horse Production and Care

Specializations in Care, Training, and Farrier Needs

Our experience in horse boarding and horse care sets New England Farm apart. And if you'd like to buy your own horse, we will bring the same dedicated attention to making sure you find the perfect partner.

Horse Boarding

Our boarding facility has everything needed for the proper care of your horse. Years of experience have given us the knowledge and expertise to properly care for your horse in the way you would if you could—our team will treat your horse as our own. We are New England’s premier horse care facility, and we are well-known in the industry for our expertise and professionalism.

We know that caring for a horse means more than simply hay and water, and are equipped to help you with all your horse boarding needs. Our informed staff takes the time to get to know each horse and evaluate each one's health and happiness on a daily basis. Constant communication helps us to ensure your horse’s specific needs are properly attended to.

Boarding your horse with New England Farm is a smart choice, allowing regular work and proper care by professionals.

Horse Care

We have a fantastic support staff on-site, including veterinarian and farrier services. Why? The welfare of our horses is of primary importance.

Buying a Horse

We also offer services should you need to buy a horse. Our carefully produced equines are of the highest quality, and have been started by first-class trainers.

Once your goals and budget are determined, we'll begin searching for the right partner, drawing on our vast expertise and our high standards. Much evaluation goes into choosing each and every horse that is produced here, meaning clients can be sure they are receiving the best from New England Farm.

When we've found the perfect horse, we will help you learn the techniques you need to know to build a successful relationship with your new horse.

Selling and buying horses for specific clients is a task we enjoy. We believe our clients can see the difference—and that our significant experience and success in matching horse and rider speak for themselves.