Last week's show

Thu, 02 Aug 2018 Nick

Once in a while, you do something unusual and get an unexpected reward. Last weekend at the Shallowbrook Show was that: unusually lovely and unexpectedly rewarding. My student Sophie Cohen is about to leave for a summer abroad and we decided to fit in one last show before she left. Boy, was that the right decision! We arrived at the Showgrounds in Somers, CT on Thursday, June 4 and found a small but beautifully laid out venue: three grass rings and also one sand ring. There is a large indoor arena in case of bad weather, but Mother Nature had picked a perfect week for the show. ..

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How can i do better in front of judges

Thu, 02 Aug 2018 Harikrishna

To find the answer, you need to understand that although each judge starts with the same basic set of values, each judge may prioritize them differently. For me, in a hunter class at a big A show, I want to see a horse of a certain quality, going in a smooth rhythmical way, and jumping in good form. Almost all judges would agree with this, of course, but very few horse shows provide six beautiful horses, each jumping from perfect distances and moving beautifully. ..

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